Reducing customer queues at banks

One of the biggest time consuming and expensive aspects for any bank is how much of customer traffic flow in to their branch network, i.e. the number of customers visiting the branches. Customer service is a critical aspect of any bank that can impact it negatively or positively. Whereas, the international banks are known for […]

BIOS updating with a Bootable CD !

Yes, that’s exactly the problem I faced today morning. My Asus-P5VDC-MX based PC started throwing me the (infamous) mup.sys error. It goes like this, I click the ‘ON’ button, I see the BIOS messages and the screen is full of vertical lines, dots mostly. Windows XP shows the familiar ‘Do you want to goto SAFE BOOT’ […]

Robot hand PC interface

I guess my love for robots started when I was in eighth grade or so. It must be the tele-series ‘Battle Star Galactica‘ and continues visits to my school library’s, ‘science – reference only’ section. The various colorful sci-fi dreams kept my head full. I had sketches of weird machines all over my textbooks! The […]