CCS3351 Mobile Application Development – Lesson 10 (Layout)

Flutter Layout widgets

Flutter has a rich library of layout widgets. Here are a few of those most commonly used. They fall into two categories: standard widgets from the widgets library, and specialized widgets from the Material library. Any app can use the widgets library but only Material apps can use the Material Components library.

What we cover:

Standard widgets
• Container: Adds padding, margins, borders, background color, or other decorations to a widget.
• GridView: Lays widgets out as a scrollable grid.
• ListView: Lays widgets out as a scrollable list.
• Stack: Overlaps a widget on top of another.

Material widgets
• Card: Organizes related info into a box with rounded corners and a drop shadow.
• ListTile: Organizes up to 3 lines of text, and optional leading and trailing icons, into a row.


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