Internet and World Wide Web (WWW)

 The importance of the Internet

“The internet is one of the most important inventions in all of modern history. It has revolutionized the way we communicate, learn, and work. With its ability to shape our world and change the way we live, it has become a necessity for us. From online banking to social media, e-commerce sites to web applications – these are all aspects of life that would be drastically different without it.

The Internet has become so ingrained in our culture that many of us could not imagine life without it. From the businessperson who routinely conducts virtual meetings with his overseas partners to the high school student who researches science projects on her tablet, we use the internet for almost everything. Click on the poster to find out 15 reasons why the Internet is important.”

Don’t forget to watch the video in it, “How internet changed everything”

The history

What is the internet?


Here is an interesting video about how the internet was started.


How computers work

Before we go further, let’s find out how computers work Please watch this excellent series.


How internet transmit information from one computer to another?

How Wires, Cables & Wifi contribute?


Information is transmitted as packets


But there is a common language, called “protocol”


Internet today

Inside a Google data center



Additional information for the curious mind:





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