CCS4360 Techniques in Social Media – Lesson 5

Intellectual property (IP)

Protecting intellectual property (IP) in online business is crucial to safeguard your assets, brand, and innovations from unauthorized use, theft, and infringement.

Online Crime, Terrorism, and Warfare

The rise of digital technology and the internet has created new avenues for crime, terrorism, and warfare. These activities pose significant threats to individuals, organizations, and national security.

Internet ethics

Internet ethics is a really broad term. It basically refers to the analysis of the role that the internet plays in what philosophers call the development of the good life – the kind of life that we want for ourselves, for society over all, the kinds of people we want to be. Is the internet playing a positive role in the development of that kind of life or is it hampering us in some way?

Digital services taxes (DSTs)

There is a geographic mismatch between the location of individuals who use digital platforms and the location where those products are developed. In 2020, while 40 percent of the value created in information industries originated in North America, 40 percent of global internet users were based in East and Southeast Asia. The growth of the digital economy in recent decades has been paired with policy debates about the taxes digital companies pay and where they pay them.

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