CCS3310 Software Engineering Methods – Lesson 2

What is Software Engineering?

  • Methodologies to design, develop and test software to meet customers’ needs.
  • Software is engineered. That is, the software products are properly designed, developed and tested in accordance with engineering principles.
  • Quality and safety are properly addressed.
  • Mathematics may be employed to assist with the design and verification of software products. The level of mathematics employed will depend on the safety critical nature of the product. Systematic peer reviews and rigorous testing will often be sufficient to build quality into the software, with heavy mathematical techniques reserved for safety and security critical software.
  • Sound project management and quality management practices are employed.
  • Support and maintenance of the software is properly addressed.

The software process assets in an organization:

  • A software development policy for the organization,
  • Process maps that describe the flow of activities,
  • Procedures and guidelines that describe the processes in more detail,
  • Checklists to assist with the performance of the process,
  • Templates for the performance of specific activities (e.g. design, testing),
  • Training materials

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